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 Intraoral X-ray Unit
  •  Intraoral X-ray Unit

Intraoral X-ray Unit




The advanced PRIMA intraoral X-ray unit provides easy and precise positioning, a straightforward imaging process and top-quality images in high resolution. It is a highly
beneficial and effective 2D imaging option for all dental clinic
Class C Classification
1300VA Rated electrical power
200 kHz High frequency technology
Canon (Toshiba)
D-0711SB            D-045  
0.7 mm               0.4mm Focal spot
60 – 65 – 70 kV Selectable voltage to x-ray
5 – 6 – 7 mA Selectable anodic current
0.02 to 3.2 sec Exposure time
2.5 mm Al (70kV) Total filtration
229mm  standard cone
305mm         long cone
SSD (Source – Skin Distance)
216 cm Reach